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It’s been a week and I still have a high from the Bucky Barnes movie…I mean Captain America 2… In the mean time I decided that it would be a good idea to start watching supernatural to help calm me down… Not the best idea ever…

OMG Bucky Barnes is the best! Saw the movie and everyone and everything was great!!! :)

Is it sad that I’m more excited about the Winter Soldier portion of the new Captain America movie than the Captain America part?

I feel like Burt Gummer is what would happen if Inspector Clouseau’s shenanigans ever worked out. 

Are you wondering where I’ve gone to lately?  Big bursts of like a gazillion random things then I disappear for months?  Well this is my last semester of college.   So mainly: THESIS

You might have a problem if you watch Top Gear just to hear the snarkiness and British accents…

I…I might have a problem…

Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvel is the best thing ever.  They’ve already made jokes about Fury and made a bigger on the inside reference.  ”British Scifi technology” huh?  We all know better.  

"potatO, potAto"- iron man  "I don’t know what that is" - thor 

I’m really enjoying this.

Seriously just go watch it.

I wanna move…I wanna go somewhere that I can go to public places and not me stalked by the weird/creepy guy.  I wanna be asked out by nice  normal guys who don’t insinuate they might kill themselves if I don’t go out with them…

Hey guys this is Jojo

Hey guys this is Jojo

Secretly Excited

There’s a puppy coming tomorrow.  My parents don’t know I know but they seriously suck at keeping secrets.   It’s gonna be fantastic.